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This Week's Weight:: 269.8

Today was my official weigh-in with Weight Watchers, so 269.8 is my official weight for the week (the home scale read 168 this morning, in case you were curious). This represents a 2.2 pound loss over last week. WOO-HOO!

The measurement of my waist this morning was 47 1/2." Down about 2 1/2" from a few weeks ago when it was around 50" - another WOO-HOO!

I am amazed I was able to lose weight this week, given the hardship of being on business, BUT, I did bring my own food this time and that made a HUGE difference! But, I think what really made a difference for me this week was following the Vegetarian Food Pyramid to make sure I was getting enough nutrients and the support I have found on the internet. It has helped me stay motivated to stay on track; it makes me accountable.

Here's my weight loss history since I began getting serious about WW (back in March):

Date:                    Weight:             Lbs. lost /gained        Total lbs. lost
04/24/07             269.8 lb             -2.2 lb                            -6.1 lb
04/16/07             272 lb                    -2 lb                            -3.9 lb
04/10/07             274 lb                 0.2 lb                             -1.9 lb
04/04/07             273.8 lb                  1 lb                            -2.1 lb
03/27/07             272.8 lb                  3 lb                            -3.1 lb
03/24/07             269.8 lb                 -3 lb                            -6.1 lb
03/17/07             272.8 lb              -3.1 lb                           -3.1 lb
03/07/07             275.9 lb                         

As you can see, I've had a slow/rough start, but I think I'm finally going to be heading down for a while now!


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Apr. 25th, 2007 04:26 am (UTC)
Congrats on the loss! That's fantastic!
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