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The Nutcracker

One of my main reasons for losing weight is so I can be able to dance ballet on pointe again and perform on stage. I fractured my ankle last year, and its been a tough recovery. I was still in physically therapy as of this summer, but despite my weight, which I thought would be a factor, I was cleared for ballet in late August! :-)

So, I started taking classes at a local studio that has a school and a company. They put on productions year round and have teens and adults in their company. As soon as I started taking class, despite my weight and the fact that I am by FAR the heaviest person in there, I have gotten tons of praise for my technique. The instructors have mentioned that they can see my years of training and my love for ballet. Its nice to hear, especially since I am so out of shape, and some things are still very difficult for me.

The best thing? I have been asked to take part in this year's Nutcrakcer!!! OMG - I can't believe that this early in the game, I will be performing on stage. It's only a very minor character role: The Grandmother. But still, I can't wait! Rehearsals begin this Sunday. I am just ecstatic!