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I've been very neglectful of this blog as of late and have not kept up with my fitness accomplishments. This is, of course my WEIGHT LOSS blog and all such related accomplishments SHOULD be documented here, so here goes:

I used to be a competitive swimmer back in the day, swimming for a nationally competing swimteam, the Aquabears. My forte was endurance swimming, not sprinting. I love the pool! So when I joined the local Y when it first opened in my neighborhood back in the late summer of 2007, I hit the pool right away. I was so out of shape and weighed close to my heaviest weight, but I had a goal in mind: to swim a mile continuously. That's right: 72 laps without stopping to rest! I started with just 20 laps and added 4 laps per week until I built up to 72. The gradual incline made that goal doable. (I now swim 92 continuous laps in 1 hour).

But after I made that first goal, I set a second goal. I had been stuck at swimming that mile at a rate of 53-54 minutes (mainly swimming breaststroke & backstroke with minimal freestyle & butterfly). I wanted to get down to what I considered a more reasonable 45 minutes. It took hard work, but I finally reached that goal on August 18th of this year!

In my typical style, I threw myself a party to celebrate! :-)