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Weight Gain?

So, I go to this convention this weekend. . . and I only had 1 bad day - where I ate over 50 points (I get 29 per day). I still am within the zone. I still haven't quite maxed out all my flex points. I ate REALLY well the rest of the convention and exercized like a fiend - earning 8 activity points one day alone! Well, I get back from said convention and on the home scale have GAINED FOUR POUNDS!!! WTF? This is mid week for me. I have 4 days now to lose more than 4 pounds before WW weigh in. And that's not counting making up for the weight gain from last week, which I was sure I could shed. (Which was why I was very careful at the convention in the first place - normally I'd be a little lax).

Why did I have 1 bad day? Well, it didn't start out that way. . . I was totally on track till about midnight when I got ravenous! I had to have Taco Bell, but that wasn't enough, so I made my hubby drive me to Denny's immediately following that. He ate right along with me that night. (He also was lax in his eating patterns at the convention and didn't exercise at all except for a little dancing - and LOST 1/2 a pound when we returned! Not fair.) So, why did I have that bad day? Well, I realized the following day that I was ravenous because it was immediately following a medication adjustment that my doctor warned me would have an effect on my appetite. But I was able to control it the follow days thank goodness. (But barely - I'm still getting used to it. . . and unfortunately, it gets adjusted AGAIN next Thursday).

Anyone have any explanation for my weight gain? I am baffled and frankly very upset. I exercized like a fiend and only had one bad day - which has never really affected me in the past. . .