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Catching Up

Well, it took me all dang YEAR so far to get my 55lb. star! Yes, you heard me correctly. . . 10 months. WOW! It's been a time of ups and downs, and I just haven't posted. I regained around 14 pounds by July, slowly but steadily, because of life-stressors: I had begun my student teaching, then was asked to withdraw from the program (for no reason apparent to me - it was a shocker to almost everyone). My dream of becoming a science teacher has gone down the toilet - plus, I find myself unemployed. It's been quite depressing.

My weightloss efforts stagnated. But my amazing endocrinologist was proud of me for basically maintaining most of the weight I had lost and encouraged me to go on and keep trying. I wanted to lose between 20-30 pounds by the next time I saw him and it looks like I will! Since July I have lost 21 pounds!!! I see him in November, and I plan to keep on losing. I'm posting a new before and after picture of me and my husband who started WW with me - we did it as a wedding gift for each other. He's reached maintenance. Here's me - 56 pounds lighter than my starting weight & my husband - 21 pounds lighter:

I can't help but think that despite the fact that I've lost 56 pounds, I don't look like I've lost all that much; I just look like I'm wearing a black dress vs. a white one.