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Target Pretzel

So I'm in line at Target Jonesin' for a pretzel and having this conversation in my head:

"Well, if God really wants me to have a pretzel, he'll let the $1 off a pretzel coupon come up when I complete my purchases. Then I'll TOTALLY get a pretzel." (That coupon comes up sometimes).

I wasn't really hungry, but I wanted a pretzel anyway. The debate in my head was raging. I was waiting for a sign from God. Then I saw this severely overweight lady who looked like (in my mind) she was struggling just to walk and push her cart around. I thought to myself "THAT's why I don't want that pretzel - I don't want to be like her!"

But then it dawned on me. I AM that lady to a lot of people. I'm the lady they see and say "OMG - I never want to be that fat!" Seriously. At my highest weight I was almost 300lbs. I'm only now reaching into "Biggest Loser Contestant" weights. And yes, those people look really fat to me. And I'm fatter! Only now am I even entering their starting weight range. I AM that lady no one wants to become - the one we're all afraid of.

It really makes me think. . .