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Ex-boyfriend Woes

Well I DID pass my test to become an Allstate agent! YAY! But now the next step is working in my ex's office. Ugh. I'll be there Wed/Thur. We have had unresolved stuff for YEARS now. Including me needing to apologize to him. I wanted to try to get stuff off my chest while speaking with him today (but to be honest, I was totally chickening out). It turns out that he is UBER stressed out right now. His dad is a diabetic and is currently in the hospital - at first they were looking at amputating his foot. YIKES! And if that isn't bad enough now he's got a heart problem. My ex is totally freaking out. It definitely was not the right time to bring up the past. I'm off the hook for now, but I'll tell you - it's going to be nerve-wracking for me to work in that office this week on more than one level.