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Today's Weight: 270.5

Today's weight is from the home scale.

Weight - You may be wondering why I'm weighing at home too. (A Weight Watchers no-no). Well, my doctor instructed me to. So I'll be weighing at home daily (naked in the morning when I can), but I'll be considering my WW weigh-in weight to be my official weight. And I usually weigh-in in the afternoon, so the weights will vary.

Measurements - Last night I took my waist measurement - it is 49". I remember it being about 50-51" the last time I checked (about a month ago), but I can't be sure, so I'm documenting it here. I'll be measuring my waist at least monthly if not weekly.

Pix - I will be taking pictures everyday (something that helped me in my weight loss journey last time). But I'll most likely only post progress pictures here once every "Decade" - every 10 lbs, with comparison pix. Since I started at 275.9 and my goal is 124, I'll most likely post a progress pix when I reach 265, and so on.

Health - I have to go get my knee checked today. I twisted it getting into bed a few weeks ago. I've been putting off getting it looked at because I'm afraid of the "overweight" comments I'm likely to get. My knee DOES NOT hurt because I'm overweight. I'm injured it crawling into bed (twisting it) and have been walking on it for at least 2 hours a day, 4 days a week (for work), which has only exacerbated the problem. Wish me well.

Appearnace/Size - I've been losing weight, I think I look smaller, and yet my clothes are getting tighter - I'm even fitting into a larger size! I'm supposed to be a 22, but am fitting into 24's right now. Am I shrinking my clothes in the wash? Is my weight getting redistributed? Am I bloated? What gives?

Weight Watchers - I'm still on plan - WOOHOO - even after eating at Round Table Pizza last night - and still following my vegetarian food pyramid regulary!