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More from Re-Inventing Yourself with the Duchess. . .

1. Write down 3 qualities you most like about yourself.
a. I like that I am a kind person
b. I like that I can set goals and achieve them
c. I like that I am creative

2. Why do you like each of them?
a. Kindness is a good virtue to have – you want to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself
b. This means that I can be a winner when I set my mind to it
c. Creativity is a great outlet and a way for me to express myself that others appreciate as well

3. How do you use these qualities in your life?
a. I treat others as I would like to be treated in the hopes that one day when I need kindness it will come back to me
b. I use this quality to maintain my self-confidence and achieve goals
c. I use creativity to express myself – it’s a great outlet for stress or sadness

4. How could you put them to further use in your life, I improve yourself or gain new opportunities for personal growth?
a. If I used kindness more often, I would grow more as an individual
b. Continuing to set goals for myself will lead to successes in those areas
c. My creativity might lead to having some of my work published someday

5. Write down three qualities you least like about yourself?
a. I’ve become something I least like in others – a little bit unreliable
b. I’m obese
c. I’m a pushover (or at least I appear that way at first – until I’m pushed too far)

6. Why don’t you like each of them?
a. It’s a trait I despise in others – I can’t believe it’s become one of my faults, but I have to admit that it is
b. People judge fat people unfairly and it makes it difficult to get through life
c. People think they can take advantage of me because I appear that way

7. How has each of these qualities influenced your life, for better or worse?
a. Worse, because I now feel like a hypocrite
b. Worse, because my high weight makes me more self-conscious
c. This could go either way, because I appear “nice” which is good, but “too nice” which is when people start taking advantage of me (or trying to). This has definitely influenced how other people have seen me. They don’t realize how stubborn I really am until I’m pushed too far.

8. What, if anything, could you do to change or improve them?
a. Work on integrity: Doing what I say I’m going to do – or don’t commit in the first place
b. Lose weight – which I’m working on thanks to WW
c. I need to work on appearing more assertive at the start. I shouldn’t let things slide, and I should hold back on my generosity until I can fully assess the situation.


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Oct. 19th, 2007 02:49 pm (UTC)
This is very cool. I'll have to do this later.

I'm so glad you added me to your friends list. :D

Have an awesome day!
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