Local Farscape Fan? Fun event. . .

Are you a Farscape fan who lives in the Seattle/Tacoma area?  We're having a fun event on October 23rd. . . we'll get to judge Farscape music videos sent in to me through my awards site (The Broken Heart Awards), determine winners, and then I will send them awards.

Please respond to this post or PM me if you're interested.

Thanks! : -)

I'm Back (Just for a Fly-By Post)

Hey all! My "weight loss" journey SUCKS right now. Its more like a weight gain journey..

I started up student teaching again after being forced to withdraw last year. Last year was so stressful - I was getting no sleep, etc. And it was all for naught. THIS year I've been paranoid about the same thing happening again, although its been a better experience - the school is awesome, and I passed my two most important evaluations. But its still a TON of work!

Nevertheless, for some odd reason, I've been bingeing like there's no tomorrow. My latest excuse is the stress from student teaching, because it didn't start until then, but what if its something else? I'm seeing an eating disorders specialist, given my history with anorexia. I HAVE to get my bingeing under control because I'm not just bingeing on junk food, etc. I'm bingeing on chicken and cheese. I was a vegetarian and I feel incredibly guilty about the chicken. And the cheese - OMG - its the dairy product that makes me the most ill. My body can't handle casein, and cheese is PACKED with it. I'm being totally self-destructive!

I've gained back half of the weight I've lost (around 25lbs.) and am already experiencing health problems because of it. My body just aches from my feet to my back when I stand and walk all day at school. It's actually starting to hurt walking up and down stairs now. Plus, I can barely reach my feet to put on shoes, etc. I don't think I'm that big, but obviously I am. The worst thing is the total and utter exhaustion. I can barely get anything done. I think my sleep apnea is back full-force.

So, in sum, I'm not doing so good. I hope I stop bingeing this summer. It would be nice to get back on track.

The Nutcracker

One of my main reasons for losing weight is so I can be able to dance ballet on pointe again and perform on stage. I fractured my ankle last year, and its been a tough recovery. I was still in physically therapy as of this summer, but despite my weight, which I thought would be a factor, I was cleared for ballet in late August! :-)

So, I started taking classes at a local studio that has a school and a company. They put on productions year round and have teens and adults in their company. As soon as I started taking class, despite my weight and the fact that I am by FAR the heaviest person in there, I have gotten tons of praise for my technique. The instructors have mentioned that they can see my years of training and my love for ballet. Its nice to hear, especially since I am so out of shape, and some things are still very difficult for me.

The best thing? I have been asked to take part in this year's Nutcrakcer!!! OMG - I can't believe that this early in the game, I will be performing on stage. It's only a very minor character role: The Grandmother. But still, I can't wait! Rehearsals begin this Sunday. I am just ecstatic!



I've been very neglectful of this blog as of late and have not kept up with my fitness accomplishments. This is, of course my WEIGHT LOSS blog and all such related accomplishments SHOULD be documented here, so here goes:

I used to be a competitive swimmer back in the day, swimming for a nationally competing swimteam, the Aquabears. My forte was endurance swimming, not sprinting. I love the pool! So when I joined the local Y when it first opened in my neighborhood back in the late summer of 2007, I hit the pool right away. I was so out of shape and weighed close to my heaviest weight, but I had a goal in mind: to swim a mile continuously. That's right: 72 laps without stopping to rest! I started with just 20 laps and added 4 laps per week until I built up to 72. The gradual incline made that goal doable. (I now swim 92 continuous laps in 1 hour).

But after I made that first goal, I set a second goal. I had been stuck at swimming that mile at a rate of 53-54 minutes (mainly swimming breaststroke & backstroke with minimal freestyle & butterfly). I wanted to get down to what I considered a more reasonable 45 minutes. It took hard work, but I finally reached that goal on August 18th of this year!

In my typical style, I threw myself a party to celebrate! :-)


Update. . . from Convention

Okay. . . when it came time to officially weigh in after the convention (on Thursday) I DID NOT GAIN!!! YAY! In fact, I lost. A grand total of FOUR pounds! Can you believe that? I still can't. . . I find it totally unbelievable - but I was really diligent the rest of the week. Guess following the plan really DOES pay off. Wonder what those Four gained pounds after the convention were from? Especially since I lost a total of 8 during half a week. . . Must have been water retention from SOMETHING!


Weight Gain?

So, I go to this convention this weekend. . . and I only had 1 bad day - where I ate over 50 points (I get 29 per day). I still am within the zone. I still haven't quite maxed out all my flex points. I ate REALLY well the rest of the convention and exercized like a fiend - earning 8 activity points one day alone! Well, I get back from said convention and on the home scale have GAINED FOUR POUNDS!!! WTF? This is mid week for me. I have 4 days now to lose more than 4 pounds before WW weigh in. And that's not counting making up for the weight gain from last week, which I was sure I could shed. (Which was why I was very careful at the convention in the first place - normally I'd be a little lax).

Why did I have 1 bad day? Well, it didn't start out that way. . . I was totally on track till about midnight when I got ravenous! I had to have Taco Bell, but that wasn't enough, so I made my hubby drive me to Denny's immediately following that. He ate right along with me that night. (He also was lax in his eating patterns at the convention and didn't exercise at all except for a little dancing - and LOST 1/2 a pound when we returned! Not fair.) So, why did I have that bad day? Well, I realized the following day that I was ravenous because it was immediately following a medication adjustment that my doctor warned me would have an effect on my appetite. But I was able to control it the follow days thank goodness. (But barely - I'm still getting used to it. . . and unfortunately, it gets adjusted AGAIN next Thursday).

Anyone have any explanation for my weight gain? I am baffled and frankly very upset. I exercized like a fiend and only had one bad day - which has never really affected me in the past. . .


Update - Now I don't feel so bad!

Thanks to rachellynne 's enormous photoshop skills, I feel MUCH better about how I look now!  I had posted my lament about not looking like I had lost 56 pounds over on _weightwatchers as well as here in my personal blog, and she made this for me:

B&W Comparison

Isn't that just amazing?  I can really tell that I've lost the pounds and that its not just the difference between a black & white dress as I had originally feared from the photo I had posted earlier.  Thanks so much rachellynne !  I feel SOOOO much better now. . .


Catching Up

Well, it took me all dang YEAR so far to get my 55lb. star! Yes, you heard me correctly. . . 10 months. WOW! It's been a time of ups and downs, and I just haven't posted. I regained around 14 pounds by July, slowly but steadily, because of life-stressors: I had begun my student teaching, then was asked to withdraw from the program (for no reason apparent to me - it was a shocker to almost everyone). My dream of becoming a science teacher has gone down the toilet - plus, I find myself unemployed. It's been quite depressing.

My weightloss efforts stagnated. But my amazing endocrinologist was proud of me for basically maintaining most of the weight I had lost and encouraged me to go on and keep trying. I wanted to lose between 20-30 pounds by the next time I saw him and it looks like I will! Since July I have lost 21 pounds!!! I see him in November, and I plan to keep on losing. I'm posting a new before and after picture of me and my husband who started WW with me - we did it as a wedding gift for each other. He's reached maintenance. Here's me - 56 pounds lighter than my starting weight & my husband - 21 pounds lighter:

I can't help but think that despite the fact that I've lost 56 pounds, I don't look like I've lost all that much; I just look like I'm wearing a black dress vs. a white one.